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Edison jazz award (Dutch Grammy) winner, jazz singer Ineke Van Doorn is a highly respected authority as a jazz singer, improvisor and teacher of jazz & pop styles. In 2016 her book ‘Singing from the Inside Out’ was published and got raving reviews among others in the NATS Journal of Singing (USA). The title describes a fundamental approach to teaching jazz & pop singing where the singer builds a unique identity supported by sound technical work. ‘Professioneel Zingen voor Iedereen’ is the Dutch version of the book.

On this platform, curated by Ineke Van Doorn, you can buy and find info about Ineke’s books, read her articles and stay up to date on her teaching and performing calendar. You can also find more info about her teaching concepts.

Ineke Van Doorn performs around the globe on major festivals, clubs and venues. She released 13 cd’s. If you want to know more about her performing projects please visit inekevandoorn.com.

Ineke Van Doorn uses the name Ineke Vandoorn when she performs

Singing from the Inside Out

‘Singing from the Inside Out: Exploring the Voice, the Singer and the Song’ gives you everything you need to know about singing technique, practicing, performing and auditioning in pop, jazz, rock and hard rock, R&B, country, folk, musicals, reggae, ska, and other styles.

Not only it is full of information based on the latest scientific research, but it is also enjoyable to read. The mix of theory, practical exercises, valuable tips, clear explanations and musical examples make it a useful tool for both beginners and advanced singers and singing teachers as well. Read more

Professioneel Zingen voor Iedereen

Professioneel zingen voor iedereen is een duidelijk en prettig leesbaar handboek voor zowel de beginnende als gevorderde zanger(es). Het staat boordevol oefeningen, waardevolle tips en glasheldere uitleg. Dit maakt het boek ook zeer geschikt als lesmateriaal voor zangdocenten.

Professioneel Zingen voor Iedereen is inmiddels hét standaardwerk voor zangers, zangdocenten en logopedisten in Nederland. Het boek kreeg enkel lovende recensies en er zijn inmiddels duizenden exemplaren van verkocht. Lees verder...

Performing and Teaching

All through my career I have been performing and teaching. They both come from the same source of inspiration and inform eachother. Core is a curiosity that leads to an ungoing interest in the investigating and exploration of the expressive and technical abilities of the voice. Not only of my own voice, but of the voices of my students alike.

You will find more info about my music and performances at www.inekevandoorn.com


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