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A unique and refreshing approach

“Singing from the Inside Out: Exploring the Voice, the Singer and the Song’ is a unique and refreshing approach to learning and studying the essential ingredients of successful contemporary vocal performance. Ineke Van Doorn’s insights are brilliant, comprehensive and indispensablefor all singers in training!”

Bob Stoloff – Bob Stoloff is a distinguished vocal teacher throughout the United States, Canada and Europe.

“What makes this work unusual is the thoroughness of the writing for learning pop and jazz styles. I highly recommend this book. – Meribeth Dayme, PhD”

An invaluable source

“The book is an invaluable source for voice teachers and singers alike, and unmatched in content and quality compared to any voice training book I have yet found in English.

The book doesn’t pretend to have discovered the “only” way to train a voice for popular singing as so many methods do, but it does present a very practical, realistic approach to popular singing. It is unpretentious, yet chock full of good ideas and solutions.”

Peggy Larson – Voice Professor, McNally Smith College of Music, St Paul, Minnesota

The voice of long experience

“…The next three sections of the book deal with the understanding of basic music theory, improvisation and variation, and amplification. These are all essential skills needed for the successful jazz or pop singer, whether they are learned consciously or not. There is sound advice on how to test drive a microphone before buying and an additional section on how to address problems that might arise from sound amplification.

Very clearly, this is the voice of long experience!”

Dr Gillyanne Kayes – Vocal Process, UK

Latest scientific research

” Ineke’s book is a committed oeuvre. Not only it is full of information based on the latest scientific research, but it is also written in a simple and accessible way. The mix of theory, practical exercises and musical examples is captivating.”

Claudia Phillips – Contemporary Music Department Higher Education Point in the Bourgogne, France

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