Singing from the inside out

Singing from the Inside Out, exploring the voice, the singer and the song

is a 292-page book, that covers all aspects of singing technique, studying, live performances, and auditions in the genres of pop, jazz, (hard) rock, R&B, country, folk, musical, reggae, ska, and so on. Not only it is full of information based on the latest scientific research, but it is also enjoyable to read. It is a practical and easy-to-read handbook for both beginners and advanced singers; full of exercises, handy tips, and crystal-clear explanations. This also makes the book an ideal teaching aid for singing coaches.

In this short video I explain why I wrote the book. You can read more about my teaching concepts here. Click here for sample pages and more info on the book’s content.

Critical acclaim

‘Singing from the Inside Out’ got raving reviews among others in the NATS Journal of Singing (USA). The title describes a fundamental approach to teaching jazz & pop singing where the singer builds a unique identity supported by sound technical work.

The book sold thousands of copies and is being used as a textbook at European and Canadian universities. Read more…

A practical guide for singers and singing teachers

  • Get to know your own voice
  • Become aware of your breathing
  • Improve your singing technique
  • Put together your own repertoire
  • Learn why and how you need to practice
  • Understand the essentials of music theory
  • Become adept at improvisation and variation
  • Learn more about singing harmonies
  • Make a good impression at auditions
  • Learn to get the most out of your microphone
  • Overcome your stage fright
  • Dress for success and project the right image
  • Learn how to perform well in the recording studio and during jam sessions
  • Perform at your very best
  • Keep your voice in top condition
  • Learn to deal with mistakes

You can find more information about the book’s content and sample pages here.

Publisher — Artez Press

Distribution — Idea Books

Design: Hans Gremmen / 21×29,7cm / 292 pages /
ISBN 978-94-91444-26-5 /