Dutch Edison winner and jazz singer Ineke Van Doorn has enjoyed international recognition in the music world for many years, and is a highly respected authority as both a singer and a teacher. As a singer Ineke has been praised for her personal style and her seemingly unlimited vocal capacities. Together with guitarist/composer Marc van Vugt she performs internationally. Their original music is thoughtful and multi-layered and combines lyrical songs with expressive improvisations.

Ineke has released 13 CDs with her own groups. She also collaborated with the the Metropole Orchestra and the Netherlands Chamber Choir, toured in Canada, Japan, Indonesia, France, Hungary, Macedonia and played at major jazz festivals in New York, Canada, France, Germany, Austria and The Hague. You will find more info about Ineke’s music and performances at www.inekevandoorn.com

Teaching – Masterclasses

Ineke holds a master’s degree in jazz singing and graduated as a classical pianist. Since 1993, Ineke has been a teacher of singing majors at the ArtEZ School of Music in Arnhem (The Netherlands). Besides teaching singing, she teaches singing methods, physiology, singing technique and improvisation. She also works with the master students at their program.

Ineke teaches master classes and she lectures regularly, among others at the Jazz Institute Berlin (GER), Amsterdam Conservatory (NL), Leo Sings Conference in Aalborg (DK), the International Jazz Voice Conference in Helsinki (FI), for the AFPC in France and at universities in Canada, Germany, Indonesia and the USA. Ineke served on the board of the European Voice Teachers Association (EVTA) for 6 years (2014-2019).

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Professional Development


Ineke was keynote speaker at Eurovox Riga (LV), Eurovox The Hague (NL) and ICVT Stockholm (SE). Subjects covered were ‘Singing from the Inside Out’, ‘How do you duo’ and ‘Breathing technique for jazz and pop singers’.

She also lectured several times at the International Jazz Voice Conference in Helsinki (2015, 2017, 2019), for EVTA- Belgium, the French AFPC, RAMA (Denmark), and VOCON (London, Ghent, Rotterdam).

In Jan 2022 Ineke has been invited for a research lecture at the Jazz Educators Network Conference in Dallas (USA) where she will lecture on ‘Vocal improvisation: a vocal approach’.

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In 2016 ‘Singing from the Inside Out, exploring the voice, the singer and the song’ was published by ArtEZ University Press. The title describes a fundamental approach to teaching CCM singing where the singer builds a unique identity supported by sound technical work. An earlier version of this book, Professioneel Zingen voor iedereen’ was published in Dutch in 2009.

Ineke regularly writes articles, e.g. for the Dutch Association of Singing Teachers (NVZ) and Zing Magazine. Topics covered are vocal improvisation, analyses of different vocal methods, grunting, GERD, mirror neurons, voice and menopause.

Ineke’s article on ‘Breathing Technique for Jazz/Pop Singers’ was accepted by the NATS Journal of Singing (USA) and will be published in the Nov/Dec 2021 issue. Click here for an overview.

Professional Development

In 2011 Ineke Van Doorn and Jolande Geven started organizing professional development courses for singing teachers with subjects focussed on vocal pedagogics, teaching styles, improvisation, group lessons, body and voice.

In addition they invited guest teachers like Bob Stoloff (USA), Meribeth Dayme (USA) and Gillyanne Kayes & Jeremy Fisher (UK).Individual coachings were offered and they gave workshops on the Peer Consultation Process for the European Voice Teachers Association (EVTA) and the Dutch NVZ (Singing Teachers Association).

In this article I write about our seven years of experience with teaching professional development courses.

www.vandoornengeven.nl (Dutch only)